by The Flaurist

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A delicate dance between voids and taboos in American culture.

(ITA000) Itadaki Records 2018

“BLUE" & "SAY" recorded at Gulch Alley Studios
(San Francisco, CA, USA)

“IN YOUR HEAD” & “NUMB” recorded at Funtime Studios
(Shibuya, Tokyo, JP)

"CYCLE" recorded at 88:88 Studios
(San Francisco, CA, USA)

All songs written by Emmanuel J. Peter
© 2018 MusicaDelleSfere ASCAP
Recording, Production, Mixing, & Mastering: 88:88 (
Executive Producer: Willow White Noonan (Itadaki Records)
Album Art & Design: Skyler Mic (


released November 11, 2018


all rights reserved



The Flaurist Springfield, Virginia

alias: virginia slimm
race: human
galaxy: milky way
constellation: orion
zodiac: pisces
system: sol
planet: terra
ethnicity: kaldu
origin: virginia
school: california
form: aurel paintings
style: liquid
weapon: guitar
animal: elephant
aura: indigo
religion: love
theory: 88:88
creed: i understand
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Track Name: BLUE
Crows feed on eagles in this land of love for more than two
I tried to love you but there's always someone between me and you
One ride with angels, could show you the truth like 'how could you'
You'll find, the more you climb, the more you cry

Black, gold, blood, and blue

Dope fiends on needles in this land of queens and prostitutes
I tried to help you but there always something between me and you
One ride to a stable, would enable you to feel like honey dew
You find, the more you're high, the more you try

Black, gold, blood, and blue

Zombies and vampires in this land of wicked witches brew
I tried to heal you but you're always hypnotized by the voodoo
One ride with an angel, could show you the truth like 'how could'
You find, the more you shine, the devil's pie is

Black, gold, blood, and blue

Bankers and bullies in this land of political fools
I tried to tell you but you always have believed what's on the news
One ride with a gangsta, would show you the truth like 'how could'
You'll find covered lies of the grand design are

Black, gold, blood, and blue
Track Name: IN YOUR HEAD
you're trynna stay fly, but you wanna be down
you wanna be high, but shadow the town
don't wanna be the norm, but never rejected
you wanna be alone, but never neglected

you wanna have style, but you wanna be naked
you're taste to be wild, you wanna be tasteless
you wanna be nice, but the world's full of greed
you saw the other side, and the grass wasn't green

so you're trynna be solo, but you need a team
you wanna be followed, but you can't lead
and you wanna little friction, you want harmony
you wanna hard beat, but you want melody

and you're trynna keep it real, you wanna live the dream
you're searching for the answers, the questions don't seem
to satisfied your need, so you're trying to escape
and you wanna learn more, but we learn from mistakes

i'm in your head

you trynna be a gangsta, and drama free
redefine the words, please tell me what they mean
and you wanna be safe, but live by the sea
you wanna be with him, then you wanna be with me

and you want it all now, you wanna enjoy
you wanna grow up, but love all your toys
and you wanna play games, but they don't take you serious
you want it to make sense, how you're always so curious

you trynna be the sheriff, and the outlaw
you wanna be a legend, hang your name on a wall
you wanna plant roots, but you're trynna get to space
you wanna settle down, but you love every face

and you wanna keep it real, live the dream
you're searching for them answers, the questions don't seem
to satisfied your need, so you're trying to escape
and you wanna learn more, but you learn from mistakes
and I'm in your head

when the rain causes you fear, I'll be like cigarettes in your ear
and when the pain causes you tears, I'll be like cigarettes in your ear
Track Name: CYCLE
You see I love A and B loves me
But I don't love B cuz I just don't seem to C
And Deep in me, it's Easily
F'ing up my head, but I gotta be a G
And How can it be? I just can't let it be
I J walk across the street, OK like LMNOP
And one more Q for A, R you happy where you stay?
Cuz I feel like a B, S I'm sippin' on this Tea
And if U move to CA, imma head back to the V
Cuz it’s What, Where, When, Y, the letter Z
I blame it on A, B blames it on me, don’t you C?

It’s a Cycle
It’s a Cycle

I said Ay Baby, it’s so good to C
She Denied me, Enough I gotta change my steez
I mean, F that chic, dang really Geez
How in the Hell did I not see?
Just when you think you won like siamese
You say, O.K., Love Me wheN yOu Please
Questions on my mind, R we really at the Z?
Stupid questions, Long Beach Iced Tea
To get her off Ur mind, trynna find new V
While you’re at the W just a sippin’ on your tea
Then an angel comes over, unzips your Z
Another B, let me be

It’s a Cycle
When you’re up, someones down
And you’re looking all around
It’s a Cycle
And when you’re down, someones up
And they lookin’ at your frown
It’s a Cycle

She says, Ay Baby, do you C what you Did?
Cuz Eventually it’s gonna catch up with me
I Forgot that every A has once been a B
And every B an A, so you gotta stay a G
What the H is goin’ on, I don’t believe
It’s like Jay-Z on CD, it’s O.K. I feel free
L-bombs get dropped, but nobody really means
Never again, uh-OH, then she missed her P
And them Qs makes you Rrr, get mean, follow your dream
Like ya SNL on T to the V
AXin’ Y does it have to be the end?
And you’re lookin’ for a B cuz you just caught the Z
Go to sleep

It’s a Cycle
Track Name: NUMB
We're probably just parallels
new romantics casting spells
i've going numb
planet earth planet hell
rock your armor ring the bell
what's on you tongue

i’m too cool for this shell
too hot for the cards dealt
i’m acting dumb
in this bat cave upside down
can't even hear no sound
I’m going numb

no more tv no more shows
no more webbed out radio
no more makeup no more clothes
get that from under my nose
got no fans got no car
no more glam no more charm
no more sun no more stars
no more holes up in my arm
no more clubs no more bars
no drums no guitar
no more keyboards, no wars
no more sleeping on the floor
need some future, some truth
some past, some youth
need my friends need a jump
i need the end cuz i'm so numb

we're still just parallels
casting spells
i've been so numb
planet earth planet hell
rock your armor ring that bell
what's on you tongue
bored of the legend
I'm acting dumb
sick and tired of the scene
bored of whores and chasing green
i'm going numb

you're the one
you're the one
Track Name: SAY
this one’s for that girl over there
hugging’ on her teddy bear
ain’t nobody brushing her hair
oh my heart i pray

this one's for that man in the chair
lost his mind but don't have a care
summer shine forever stare
with nothing more to say

this one’s for the ones who get high
innocent just trynna get by
looking up and wondering why
oh my heart i pray

this one's for the one in the sky
looking down and wondering why
if you see them, tell them we said hi
there's nothing more to say

there's nothing more to say
what would you say?
what could you say?

this one's for the ones with no land
running fast with no where to stand
they say grab your gun and fight like a man
you got no place to stay

this one’s for the ones making laws
everybody breaking the law
maybe we should change them laws
what do you say

this one's for mistakes of the past
how long will these problems last
it's deeper than white or black
everything is grey

this one's for the ones full of shame
left there with no one to blame
together the world all the same
there's nothing more to say


this one’s for the ones that’s abused
and all the people falsely accused
someone please tell us the truth
we can take the pain

this one's for the kids of today
looking down with nothing to say
how you gonna make your way
you got something to say

this one’s for you and me
and all the people watching tv


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