from HELP WANTED by The Flaurist



You see I love A and B loves me
But I don't love B cuz I just don't seem to C
And Deep in me, it's Easily
F'ing up my head, but I gotta be a G
And How can it be? I just can't let it be
I J walk across the street, OK like LMNOP
And one more Q for A, R you happy where you stay?
Cuz I feel like a B, S I'm sippin' on this Tea
And if U move to CA, imma head back to the V
Cuz it’s What, Where, When, Y, the letter Z
I blame it on A, B blames it on me, don’t you C?

It’s a Cycle
It’s a Cycle

I said Ay Baby, it’s so good to C
She Denied me, Enough I gotta change my steez
I mean, F that chic, dang really Geez
How in the Hell did I not see?
Just when you think you won like siamese
You say, O.K., Love Me wheN yOu Please
Questions on my mind, R we really at the Z?
Stupid questions, Long Beach Iced Tea
To get her off Ur mind, trynna find new V
While you’re at the W just a sippin’ on your tea
Then an angel comes over, unzips your Z
Another B, let me be

It’s a Cycle
When you’re up, someones down
And you’re looking all around
It’s a Cycle
And when you’re down, someones up
And they lookin’ at your frown
It’s a Cycle

She says, Ay Baby, do you C what you Did?
Cuz Eventually it’s gonna catch up with me
I Forgot that every A has once been a B
And every B an A, so you gotta stay a G
What the H is goin’ on, I don’t believe
It’s like Jay-Z on CD, it’s O.K. I feel free
L-bombs get dropped, but nobody really means
Never again, uh-OH, then she missed her P
And them Qs makes you Rrr, get mean, follow your dream
Like ya SNL on T to the V
AXin’ Y does it have to be the end?
And you’re lookin’ for a B cuz you just caught the Z
Go to sleep

It’s a Cycle


from HELP WANTED, released November 11, 2018


all rights reserved



The Flaurist Washington, D.C.

alias: virginia slimm
race: human
galaxy: milky way
constellation: orion
zodiac: pisces
system: sol
planet: terra
ethnicity: kaldu
origin: virginia
school: california
form: aurel paintings
style: liquid
weapon: guitar
animal: elephant
aura: indigo
religion: love
theory: 88:88
creed: i understand
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