from HELP WANTED by The Flaurist



We're probably just parallels
new romantics casting spells
i've going numb
planet earth planet hell
rock your armor ring the bell
what's on you tongue

i’m too cool for this shell
too hot for the cards dealt
i’m acting dumb
in this bat cave upside down
can't even hear no sound
I’m going numb

no more tv no more shows
no more webbed out radio
no more makeup no more clothes
get that from under my nose
got no fans got no car
no more glam no more charm
no more sun no more stars
no more holes up in my arm
no more clubs no more bars
no drums no guitar
no more keyboards, no wars
no more sleeping on the floor
need some future, some truth
some past, some youth
need my friends need a jump
i need the end cuz i'm so numb

we're still just parallels
casting spells
i've been so numb
planet earth planet hell
rock your armor ring that bell
what's on you tongue
bored of the legend
I'm acting dumb
sick and tired of the scene
bored of whores and chasing green
i'm going numb

you're the one
you're the one


from HELP WANTED, released November 11, 2018


all rights reserved



The Flaurist Washington, D.C.

alias: virginia slimm
race: human
galaxy: milky way
constellation: orion
zodiac: pisces
system: sol
planet: terra
ethnicity: kaldu
origin: virginia
school: california
form: aurel paintings
style: liquid
weapon: guitar
animal: elephant
aura: indigo
religion: love
theory: 88:88
creed: i understand
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