this one’s for that girl over there
hugging’ on her teddy bear
ain’t nobody brushing her hair
oh my heart i pray

this one's for that man in the chair
lost his mind but don't have a care
summer shine forever stare
with nothing more to say

this one’s for the ones who get high
innocent just trynna get by
looking up and wondering why
oh my heart i pray

this one's for the one in the sky
looking down and wondering why
if you see them, tell them we said hi
there's nothing more to say

there's nothing more to say
what would you say?
what could you say?

this one's for the ones with no land
running fast with no where to stand
they say grab your gun and fight like a man
you got no place to stay

this one’s for the ones making laws
everybody breaking the law
maybe we should change them laws
what do you say

this one's for mistakes of the past
how long will these problems last
it's deeper than white or black
everything is grey

this one's for the ones full of shame
left there with no one to blame
together the world all the same
there's nothing more to say


this one’s for the ones that’s abused
and all the people falsely accused
someone please tell us the truth
we can take the pain

this one's for the kids of today
looking down with nothing to say
how you gonna make your way
you got something to say

this one’s for you and me
and all the people watching tv



from HELP WANTED, released November 11, 2018


all rights reserved



The Flaurist Washington, D.C.

alias: virginia slimm
race: human
galaxy: milky way
constellation: orion
zodiac: pisces
system: sol
planet: terra
ethnicity: kaldu
origin: virginia
school: california
form: aurel paintings
style: liquid
weapon: guitar
animal: elephant
aura: indigo
religion: love
theory: 88:88
creed: i understand
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